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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Problems with the FTP

As the very few ones that actually came to this blog have noticed: there is a promise of a working FTP, yet the links to the FTP aren't working.

It's working now!

The problem was that my FTP server did not support passive connections. I set this up now, BUT: passive connections are only accepted when they are directed at the specified, non-local, IP address.

Elegibly, my ISP gives me a new IP every time I sign onto the network. But I never sign off, so I keep my IP for many month at a time. This is both good and bad: my dynamic IP address handler DynDNS cancels my account if I don't change my IP once a month :(

On the other hand, once a blue moon, when I do need to restart my rooter, the IP has mistically changed.

I guess there is no easy solution and I gotta start web-hosting myself. I will install Apache in the coming weeks...

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

rapebear (or: how to write screenplays. badly.)

congtratulations to jeremy slater and dan whitehead, probably the funniest blog i have seen so far:
"how to write screenplays. badly."

it was last year mid-summer, when i discovered the screenplay follow up call to "rapebear" - the bear that rapes. i laughed so hard that even a year later i feel that this blog needs to be revisited by as many people as possible.

You can find the rapebear story right here!

the brazillian rear of the year

it doesn't really matter that this presentation is from '02! Some things never grow old!

get the powerpoint presentation here.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Great site about Redlichkeit: [but only in German language :( ]

Some years ago, when the internet was still young and some people though it was only made for exchanging pornography and hack into banking servers, I found this really amusing website.

It's the only link that I have kept for years. I've stumbled accross it in the sad year of the lord 1999 when Helmut Kohl's era ended and 8 years of depressing socialism plagued the land of Germans. the here author claims to be incapacitated - meaning he is not allowed to manage his own money, or vote (or be alone with children)

Note, that it is hosted on Geocities (and it's still live!!!):

Werden Sie züchtig und keusch!

Lieber Fußgänger, Sie haben gerade von einem redlichen Menschen einen Flugzettel in die Hand gedrückt bekommen und fragen sich nun, was das soll. Bitte nehmen Sie sich kurz Zeit, den Zettel durchzulesen und besuchen Sie danach meine Internetzseite.

Es stört Sie
  • daß ältere Menschen die Internetzsprache nicht verstehen können, da sie aus wahllos zusammengewürfelten Wörtern deutscher / englischer Sprache besteht?
    (Bsp. e-Mail [e-Brief], Internet Explorer [Internetz Erkunder])

  • daß manche Menschen Sie lapidar mit "Hallo" begrüßen, oder mobile Telefone benützen, obwohl die Strahlung lebensgefährlich für alle anderen ist?

  • daß Rauchen und Alkohol immer noch nicht verboten sind?

  • daß es Menschen gibt, die sich nackt im Internetz oder gar in der Öffentlichkeit präsentieren?
    (Bsp. FKK-Strände, Schmuddelseiten)

  • daß es im Internetz immer wieder Menschen gibt, die ihre Aggressionen an guten Menschen auslassen?

Oder haben Sie gar selbst Probleme, ein züchtiges Leben zu führen? Das ist kein Problem. Besuchen Sie meine Internetzseite, denn ich lebe vor, wie man gut und züchtig ist und sich so auch noch viele Freunde verschafft!
Ihr Reinhard Pfarrpfeifer

Fake or real?