Problems with the FTP

As the very few ones that actually came to this blog have noticed: there is a promise of a working FTP, yet the links to the FTP aren't working.

It's working now!

The problem was that my FTP server did not support passive connections. I set this up now, BUT: passive connections are only accepted when they are directed at the specified, non-local, IP address.

Elegibly, my ISP gives me a new IP every time I sign onto the network. But I never sign off, so I keep my IP for many month at a time. This is both good and bad: my dynamic IP address handler DynDNS cancels my account if I don't change my IP once a month :(

On the other hand, once a blue moon, when I do need to restart my rooter, the IP has mistically changed.

I guess there is no easy solution and I gotta start web-hosting myself. I will install Apache in the coming weeks...