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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Letter to the BT about Broadband Tax

Tax payers should not be forced in to paying for private infrastructure upgrades!

Here is a letter I send to the BT:

Dear Sirs,

I hope this finds you well.
I have just read in the paper that the government is planing to implement a 'phone tax' to fund some crap...

While I couldn't care less about the government, I would like to issue a strong warning to the BT: if I would have to pay such a tax, I would be double charged for a service that I receive from you. I strongly disagree with the concept of paying for anything twice to two separate organisations. I admittedly am forced to pay twice for ONE service that I receive from you (Telephone and Broadband, although I only use, want and have access to the broadband), I consider this to be an even more ridiculous concept...

As a result, I would be forced to cancel any direct debits, payments and contracts that I have running with BT with immediate effect.

Please consider this email not as a threat, but realise that the current government concept is bad for your consumers interest and will ultimately result in a loss of revenue. I advise that you use your lobby to block this ridiculous law from being implemented.

Best Regards,

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