Trying Fring for Android (early version)

I have been quite fortunate to get an invitation to test fring for Android. It's not released on the Android market and the market version is still a few months away from what I've heard.

fring's user interface is really quite creative and unique. The elements are quite cartoon like which makes navigating quite fun. This early version works pretty stable and when it works, it does work well. I have been trying Skype out calls over 3G and chats on all sort of messengers.

Unfortunately some things don't work. I was, for example, not able to log into Gmail. Also a facebook / myspace plugin does not exist (yet). Here are some more problems:
  1. Seldom connects through WiFi
  2. List of contacts isn't fetched completely (can't re-fetch)
  3. Options menu is slim: no option to turn off sound for incoming chat alarms
  4. When making a call or Skype out call, the application crashed frequently
  5. Application doesn't stay 'awake'. After a while it disconnects from your networks and reconnecting is difficult. I normally restart...
Nonetheless, with fring working on this project, I hope that Skype out through WiFi on my phone will soon become possible...

I'll attach screenshots eventually.

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