GMote - Turns phone into remote

I don't have television, I got rid of it over two years ago and never missed it. The initial decision to get rid of it was made when my Virgin home broadband wouldn't work properly and Virigin wouldn't want to do anything about it. It was very frustrating...

Since I don't have an antenna and don't want to get a receiver box and, most importantly: I disagree with TV licensing, I got rid of television. Yes, I don't mind private channels, but the BBC can f*ck off and keep their rubbish programme to themselves.

Since then I lived on DVDs and content available through the internet.

While I do have a wireless mouse, I am really fond of Gmote:
it connects easily to the Java client that runs on any operating system that has also VLC installed. You can browse all video content files by simply selecting it and you then get a menu for forward, backward, volume up & down, pause of stop.

You can also use the screen of your phone like a touchpad to your PC and a keyboard mode allows you to send text to the computer too.

And to make Gmote even more brilliant: it allows you to stream video content from your computer to your phone.