NewsRob - best Google Reader client I found

Reading news and blogs while on the road is how I stay updated... I do have long commutes and a lot of it is underground. For this I do need a reader that downloads content to my phone in regular intervals and gets me all of the RSS content.

NewsRob does all this, has an icon sized widget for the Android homescreen that tells you the amount of unread articles (that you have synced) and easily syncs with the RSS you subscribe through Google Reader.

The only minor downside of it is that it sometimes takes a long time to download the content to my phone..

Another really likable feature of NewsRob is that it's got a nearly endless list of options. I like programmes with a lot of options, it means I can use the app as I want, not as the developer had envisaged. Making apps customisable is important!

When the official Google Android App came out earlier this month, I thought it might beat NewsRob in terms of service. But while a lot more articles are available and I never saw any lengthy download / syncing periods, the main problem with it is that it does not show you full articles, but downloads only a fraction of it.
It's not what I need when I'm out and about without the internet, so I stick to NewsRob.