Seesmic - Very functional and free Twitter client

You might like twitter or you might say it's total cr*p. Either way, I agree with you...

In my opinion twitter serves a need, the need to inform people through a short message about something you are doing, seeing, reading - in short: experiencing.  Unfortunately it doesn't fulfil this need very good, as you have 140 characters to express yourself.
Google's Buzz is the far superior product, in my opinion, but twitter came first and it looks like it's established a good foothold...

There are probably more clients for Twitter on the Android market, than for any other web application out there. Many of them are getting quite good, especially the ones that integrate with the rest of your phone. HTC and Sony Ericsson have, as far as I know, got some good clients factory build in.
My phone doesn't...

I tried many, many clients for Android, but ended up on using Seesmic. I had various requirements from my twitter app:
  1. Needs to be free
  2. Support multiple accounts and networks
  3. Everything should be customisable
  4. Should have a widget for the homescreen
The last point is where most clients fell short. Seemic too, that's why I was on TwyDroid for many months. It didn't have the widget neither, but it just seemed to be the better ad at the time. Now Seesmic has got the widget and I have migrated and I don't want to change anymore. 

But Seesmic does offer a lot: geo-tagging for example. This is now automatically added to my mobile tweets. You see pictures that were tweeted in the timeline (see above). Visit people's profiles and follow or unfollow, plus see the timeline of their tweets.
It even got it's own lightweight browser, so you can quickly follow links and return to the timeline without leaving the application.

Seesmic is my twitter client of choice.