Astrid Tasks for Android phones

Astrid is, apart from standards such as email and calendar, my absolute must have app on Android. It syncs tasks with RememberTheMilk, Productee and Google Tasks.

Apart from it's easy to use interface and classic Android white-on-black theme, it's unbelievably useful for people that have a lot of things they want or need to do, but keep forgetting personal or work related tasks. I now slot everything - from watering the flowers or washing the laundry to preparing monthly KPIs - in my task list using Astrid.

It's a very handy app when in meetings, conferences and when you are on the road. I task that needs doing comes up and instead to jotting down notes that you probably won't ever look again, you get it on Astrid and sync it back with your online task list.

Constant reminders keep nagging and encouraging you to finish tasks and you can schedule due dates and tags on your tasks.