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Sunday, 4 September 2011

eConsultancy Paid Content

eConsultancy is one of the most renown blogs in the industry. Although eConsultancy staff insist that it is so much more than a blog, it really boils down to the articles that are emailed to you on a daily basis.
Also there are simply too many posts to look at and there are so many that are just blatant agency advertisements, it remains a referred to resource.

What often annoyed me is that, as a free user, you can't download their PDF documents. There are best practise guides and research papers advertised at horrendous prices. As a free user you only get a little teaser, so you never know if it's any good. 

Since a little while now, I have a paid account that is sponsored by my company. I have flicked through these precious PDFs and can assure you: it's not worth paying for. If you still want to read them, I have some here for free that I share with you :)..

Let me know if there are any missing...