eConsultancy Paid Content

eConsultancy is one of the most renown blogs in the industry. Although eConsultancy staff insist that it is so much more than a blog, it really boils down to the articles that are emailed to you on a daily basis.
Also there are simply too many posts to look at and there are so many that are just blatant agency advertisements, it remains a referred to resource.

What often annoyed me is that, as a free user, you can't download their PDF documents. There are best practise guides and research papers advertised at horrendous prices. As a free user you only get a little teaser, so you never know if it's any good. 

Since a little while now, I have a paid account that is sponsored by my company. I have flicked through these precious PDFs and can assure you: it's not worth paying for. If you still want to read them, I have some here for free that I share with you :)..

  1. EConsultancy Email Beginners Guide
  2. EConsultancy Checkout Optimisation Guide
  3. EConsultancy Email Best Practise Guide
  4. EConsultancy Internationalisation of eCommerce
  5. EConsultancy Mobile eCommerce Best Practise Guide
  6. EConsultancy Multivariate Testing Buyers Guide
  7. EConsultancy Product Pages Best Practise
  8. EConsultancy Selling Online How-To Guide 2010
  9. EConsultancy SEO Best Practise Guide
  10. EConsultancy UK Internet Statistics Compendium

Let me know if there are any missing...