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Friday, 8 January 2016

why is mac osx is deliberately awkward? and why doesn't somebody go and hurt mac osx developers?

things that are really, really f*cking cr*p in osx:
  • non standard keyboard shortcuts
    having used windows, apple macintosh (many years ago) and linux systems for most of my life and used certain standard keyboard shortcut combinations (ctrl+x, ctrl+c, return, delete or backspace), it is infuriating to see that mac at some point must have thought that it's wise to deviate from everyone else and therefore make their computers more difficult to use.

  • there is no standard programme to open archives - not even zip
    the standard is to unzip an archive. other than in the command line, there doesn't seem to be a way of looking what's inside a zip file. you have to extract it, then delete it. pointless.
    not only that, but zip is really the only thing supported, so you end up installing a different archive manager for tar balls, rar, 7z or any other files.

  • the decision to not support ntfs or fat32 or other file systems out of the box, but just their own journaling file system and exfat

  • you cannot cut and paste in the file browser "finder". wtf??!!
this list will grow over time